An extension to the Tree Top Canopy Walkway made it one of the most spectacular walkway in Sabah, with multiple viewing platforms, spanning approximately 300m in length and stands at 26m at the highest point. 
The Walkway is designed and engineered to be ‘tree friendly’ without rigging any of the steel cables direct onto the trees. The spacious and sturdy platforms provide a safe and unobstructed up-close view of the 130 million year old virgin jungle’s canopy.
The suspension cables are hung between emergent dipterocarp and mengaris trees at 15-25m up the trunks – barely half the height of these enormous trees but sensationally within the rainforest canopy.
 At each suspension point there is an octagonal shaped observation platform which allows the user time to rest before the next airy bridge.   The BRL walkway has five support trees.

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