What can I see in Danum Valley?
Danum Valley is a primary rainforest and home to an astonishing amount of interesting plants and animals. There are over 300 species of tree found in just one hectare of jungle! Orchids, lianas, ferns, shrubs and many others make up the remaining exceptional flora diversity. The fauna is not less impressive, with many rare and endangered animals among its habitants and about 300 species of bird recorded so far. However, Danum Valley is not a zoo as all animals are in their natural habitat and spotting wildlife is not as easy as on an African safari. We do not feed the animals and they have a large area to roam around, so they can be anywhere. Although luck is an important factor, there are ways of increasing your chances of seeing wildlife. Of course the more time you spent in the rainforest the more likely you see something. While on natural trials, it is important to be quiet, to move slowly and to look around carefully. Be sure you don’t wear bright colored clothes and you don’t use excessive perfume. Your guides will try their best to spot and show you interesting flora and animals, but keeping a watchful eye yourself will help increase your chances. There are animals that can be seen quite easily: mouse deer, sambar deer, civets, lizards, butterflies, certain birds (rhinoceros hornbill), several species of primates and a lot of insects. The orang utan is present in Danum Valley in quite big numbers but they are not easy to spot as they do not live in groups and they move around a lot up in the jungle canopy in search of food sources. Nevertheless, many of our guests have seen them in Danum Valley. Elephants are in abundance as you can see their droppings along the road into Danum Valley. However, they are not easily seen in Danum Valley. Elephants prefer to feed at the secondary forest just outside Danum Valley, hence, chances of spotting them is better if one takes an extended night drive outside Danum Valley area. Other more exceptional sightings of animals include clouded leopard, leopard cat, western tarsier, bornean bristlehead and sunbear. Although the Sumatran Rhino is present in Danum, it is virtually impossible to get a sight of this elusive animal as they are very shy and only a small numbers exists.

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