What kinds of utilities are provided at the lodge?

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is situated far away from any town and not accessible to public utilities and therefore has to be self sufficient.  We can not provide you all the convenient of city hotel or resort however we will try our best to make your stay comfortable.
We operate our generators supplying electricity for the lodge 24 hours in a day.  We pipe in water from a nearby stream to a storage tank.  Filtered and cooled drinking water is available at the main lodge for guest.

For telecommunication we rely on a satellite connection.  Phones are not provided in the rooms, but a public phone is available at the main lodge.  Fax and emails can be arranged through the reception office.
Our chalets are built with high ceiling to make use of natural ventilation and by keeping the sunlight out, hence, instead of air-conditioning every chalet has a fan for cooling.  All garbage and waste are taken out of the conservation area for disposal.

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