Is malaria a serious threat in Danum Valley?

Although there have never been recorded cases of malaria in Borneo Rainforest Lodge, we can not guarantee that there is no malaria present.  Danum Valley is considered to be a low risk area for malaria transmission, therefore we advise all our guests to take all necessary measures preventing mosquito bites especially during dusk to dawn.  To minimize the risk of being bitten, it is advisable to wear clothes that cover most of your skin and use insect repellent on exposed area.  Also it is advisable to keep you veranda door close from dusk to dawn to avoid mosquitoes entering your room.  All rooms are installed with mosquitoes netting and supplied with ‘Mosquitoes Repellent Mat’.
For more information on malaria and prevention it would be advisable for you to contact your doctor for expert advice.  The following websites provide good reference and lots of information on malaria and its prevention: www.malaria-ipca.com, www.who.int/ith/ and www.cdc.gov/

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