What can we do in the Borneo Rainforest Lodge?
We have a range of activities in the jungle to keep you busy, as the rainforest is our natural showcase. Our main activities are to explore the surrounding lowland dipterocarp rainforest. You usually start with a short introduction walk along our self-guided nature trail that will provide some basic information about the environment. Your guide will then take you on several walks along different trails. The guide will try to find wildlife and show you different interesting plants and trees. Make sure that you point out your interests to the guide, so he or she will be capable of giving you a better experience. Besides trails we have a canopy walkway from where you can explore the rainforest at 27 meters height. There is a viewing platform on the opposite of the Danum River overlooking the lodge and the Danum Valley. You can swim (at your own risk) at a small waterfall or go ‘tubing’ down the Danum River. In the evening, you can spot wildlife on a night-drive safari or night-walk with your guide. If there is time left you probably just want to relax on our verandah, read a book, have a drink or simply enjoy the surroundings.

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Borneo Rainforest Lodge

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