From Kyle & Christine Denson

Selemat Petan,

We made it home safely and all was good. The trip was amazing! You were very helpful and put together a great itinerary. The only thing I would have done differently was I would have stayed another day in Danum, went to Turtle Island instead of Hill Lodge and flew back to KK for the last day. Kinabalu park was nice but a bit anticlimactic following the incredible wildlife in Danum and the river. Edmundo took excellent care of us and we really enjoyed his company. His expertise and sharp eye made the wildlife viewing great. When Edmundo first met us he asked us why we chose Borneo and what we hoped to see. It was a great way to start our relationship and an excellent customer service tactic. After that meeting he made sure we saw everything we hoped to see and things that I never expected to see too. He should be the ambassador of Borneo as everywhere we went everyone knew him. The accommodations, especially at Danum, KK and Sepilok were very nice, clean and comfortable. Thank you for the wine at Borneo Rainforest Lodge! We have traveled to many places and this trip is definitely one of our favorites.

Terima casih!!


Borneo Rainforest Lodge

4wd Xperience