The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is strategically located in the heart of the Danum Valley Conservation Area, which has one of the richest flora and fauna in the world.

There are over 320 species of trees found in just one hectare of jungle. The better known species like Kapur, Keruing and Seraya are found in abundance and they can grow up to 50 meters with their huge buttress roots. Orchids, lianas, ferns, shrubs and many others make up the remaining exceptional flora diversity.
The fauna is not less impressive, with many rare and endangered animals among its habitants. Borneo Rainforest Lodge is a true paradise for bird watchers, with more than 275 species of bird recorded so far. Encounters with mouse deer, lizards, butterflies and several species of monkeys are quite common.
Guest can frequently see the orang utan or a herd of elephants roaming around in the jungle. In the morning one could be awaken by the haunting calls of the Borneo Gibbon. If you are planning a relaxing and close to nature vacation, come and experience the sounds and sights of the tropical lowland rainforest at its best.

Downloads:  Mammals of Danum Valley (pdf)

Borneo Rainforest Lodge

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