Elephants of Danum Valley By Pein Lee

Just recently on a trip into the Borneo Rainforest Lodge, a number of elephants were encountered en-route through the Sabah Foundation Concession area. The sightings comprised of two individuals during the day, and two family groups during the night.
Such sightings are relatively common in the Danum Valley on the graded unsealed road heading into the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Even when there are no actual elephants visible from the road, signs of their passing abound. Droppings the size of small rocks and agitated vegetation hint at when they might have passed or where they are going.
Elephants are the gentle giants of the Danum Valley, with the conservation area providing refuge and the re-grown forest providing ample feeding areas. These images were taken from one of the Lodge's fully capable off-road vehicles, and offer a taste of whan Danum Valley can offer.
By Pein Lee, Design Consultant/Photographer


Borneo Rainforest Lodge

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