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Read4/07/2014Green Practise Initiative
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Read8/04/2010Implementation of EM-Technology, ( Jan 2010)

Green Practise Initiative

Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of the last remaining protected lowland rainforest in Borneo. This exquisite place is home to several endemic plants, insect and animal species.  The Management feels it as a responsibility to preserve this "Wonder of Nature" by providing services in a manner that minimizes impact on this pristine environment.  To minimize the environmental impact of the lodge, the Borneo Rainforest Lodge will be implementing several green practices in stages.

The aims of these practices are to:
1. Reduce waste and maximize the reuse & recycling of waste;
2. Reduce chemical usage;
3. Reduce water pollution;
4. Reduce energy consumption;
5. Encourage environmentally friendly attitude & behavior of guest and staff;
6. Measure, monitor and continuously minimize environmental impact.


Reduce Waste

  • Reduce plastic waste by installing refill facilities for filtered water, selling reusable drinking bottle, using 100% biodegradable bags and lunch box, providing shampoo and body gel in refillable dispenser.

    Reduce Energy

  • Using solar water heater, using ceiling fan without air conditioning in the rooms, installing LED-lamps and energy saver bulbs.

    Reduce Chemicals

  • Use eco-friendly insect repellent and eco-friendly detergents & toiletries (not containing phosphate, optical whiteners, chlorine, ammonia parabens, synthetic perfumes and colouring)
  • Use natural fragrance for rooms & toilet.
  • Use homemade compost for gardening.
  • Use homemade insecticide (garlic & fuit enzyme).


  • Reuse coffee grounds & fruit peelings to make compost.
  • Reuse wood scrap for making signage & key chain.
  • Reuse milk box for planting.
  • Reuse charcoal ashes for making cleaning soap.


  • Recyclable item are segregated into 8 categories including plastics, paper and carton, aluminium can, tin can and iron scrap.
  • Process waste food into EM waste food pellet for gardening.

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