Banded Pitta

Operations Manager

Henry is the man of our lodge. BRL flourishes under his effective management dated as far back as October 2007. During his occupancy, he has welcomed and served countless members of royalty, foreign dignitaries, as well as local and international celebrities, including Britain’s Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge, and sir David Attenborough.

Henry found his passion in delivering outstanding customer service. To him, there is no greater fulfilment in life than to provide hospitality that create memorable experiences for his guests from all around the world, and all walks of life. A devoted manager, Henry is leading a passionate and driven team to ensure each stay in BRL is fascinating and relaxing.

Fun fact: You’ll never catch Henry without a smile on his face!
Banded Pitta

Cyril P.Modili
Assistant Operations Manager

After graduating with a diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management in 1991, Cyril quickly got his feet wet in the hotelier and F&B industry. He was a restaurant manager, banquet operation manager and F&B manager before joining BRL to assist and support daily operation of the lodge. Ripe with experience, Cyril is calm and diligent in communication and decision making. He has a third eye to see through his guests body language and he will try his very best to make you comfortable. When he is not taking care of his guests or managing his staff, Cyril likes to cook and improvise on his recipes.

Fun Fact: Cyril is a good listener and sometimes he figures out guest’s concern before they even voice out.
Banded Pitta

Calixtus James Laudi
Property Maintenance Manager

A graduate in tourism operation management from Kinabalu College, Calix joined BRL early 1996 and had held different positions. He started as a naturalist and today, he is a certified nature guide, who knew the forest and all its inhabitants well. As he is very good with technical work and understand the flora and fauna well, he was once the jungle operations manager, resident manager and also operation supervisor before currently holding the position as our property maintenance manager.

Calix is a committed and conscientious manager who always put others before himself. Every day in his career, he is dedicated in making sure that the property is in tiptop condition, the maintenance team are productive, and the guests are having the time of their lives.

Fun Fact: Calix loves gardening and has green fingers.
Banded Pitta

Anita Lat
Assistant Manager LDU Office

Anita has been with the lodge since the beginning of BRL operation in 1994. This pleasant lady is the most experienced person in guest service, radiating warmth and friendliness and making everyone feel at ease in her presence. Not only she is helpful and kind to guests, she is a great mentor too. Anita cares and guides her junior staff well, and has led numerous young people to excel their performance in hospitality. She is stationed in our Lahad Datu office and cheerily tends to the needs of every guest that wish to visit BRL.

Fun fact: Anita is knowledgeable on cultures and history of the world, expect nothing but interesting conversation with her.
Banded Pitta

Abdul Hamid bin Sulaiman
Sous Chef de Cuisine

Chef Hamid has more than 15 years of yummy experience cooking for hotel’s restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. A culinary comforter, Chef Hamid skilfully turn fresh ingredients and local spices into soothing meals. When you are in BRL, be prepared to pamper your taste buds with our delicious western selection and mouth-watering traditional Asian cuisine, especially Nasi Briani and Nasi Lemak. Chef Hamid might appeared serious but really, he is soft-spoken and shows a lot of love through his dishes. The highlights of his career was serving honourable guests, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Sir David Attenborough among other VVIP guests. Our chefs and the entire kitchen team are devoted to localize a guest’s stay experience through exotic culinary journey.

Fun Fact: Chef Hamid could put on quite a show while preparing for your meal.

Banded Pitta

Noorfarahin Antonio

Our Head Guide, Farah lives her dream career right after graduated from high school. With excellent interpersonal skills, she is proficient in team management and big on public education. Farah has been invited countless times to give training talks, in tourism polytechnic and Taman Negara- the first National Park in Malaysia.

Farah loves her guiding career as much as she loves the thriving Bornean rainforest and its inhabitants. To her, a vacation is not complete if you don’t get any take-home messages. Hence, she is always eager to share her knowledge on the natural world and conservation efforts on the millions year old rainforest in order for more people to enjoy the benefits and beauty of nature. She assured every guest in BRL will be given tailored and exceptional guiding services in all outdoor activities in the rainforest.

Fun Fact: Farah is highly talented in spotting wildlife and her favourite animal is the Slow Loris.
Banded Pitta

Adzel Neil bin Korus

With 15 years of guiding experience in the tourism industry, you are in good hands with Adzel. Attentive, energetic and humorous, he used to be a beach boy and water sport expert before joining BRL as a nature guide. Conquering both water and land activities, he is truly an outdoor enthusiast.

Adzel is most passionate in birding and pursuit of nature. He believes that visitors to Danum Valley and Sabah should be given more knowledge about Borneo, in order for them to go back home and share such information with friends and family. Hence, he never hesitate in sharing his vast knowledge on everything from birds and wildlife to Bornean history, cultures and sustainability effort in preserving nature. Break free from the stressful flow of hectic city life and be led on enlightening adventures by Adzel, who has been pioneering ventures into our millionth year old rainforest.

Fun Fact: His eyes are small but his sharp sightings could detect birds from afar.
Banded Pitta

Azmil Pillantong

Azmil started as a tourist guide in Peninsular Malaysia, working in Malaysia National Park -Taman Negara and The Royal Belum State Park in Perak. After 7 years, he travelled back to his hometown in Sabah and joined BRL in 2013.

The high request he gets from BRL’s regular birders and bird enthusiasts reflects his exceptional birding skills, especially in locating endemic species. This soft spoken young man is a role model to all. Not one day in his career pass by without him being educational and motivational to both his guests and fellow colleagues. Azmil maximizes all his guiding skill and knowledge of the jungle, especially in ensuring all his guests to have a lovely and satisfying stay in BRL. He puts a lot of effort in his part, trying to turn each stay in BRL into one of the best vacations for his guests.

Fun Fact: Azmil idolizes Sir David Attenborough and he guides and speaks just like his idol! He is also a walking dictionary of tropical fauna and flora.
Banded Pitta

Mohd Syafiq bin Rahimin

Growing up in a naturally blessed district, Keningau, Syafiq spent his childhood exploring every creeks, woods and hills around his village. As a grown man, Syafiq is still as inquisitive and adventurous as ever.

While guiding, Syafiq sharpens his skills and talent in birding and wildlife photography. Photographing in a shady rainforest with lots of lights rays are tricky and Syafiq is willing to share his skills and techniques. He is dedicated in ensuring all his guests to have the most accurate information on nature and also the best shot of anything that they spot. With him, grow your collection of great pictures and greater memories.

Fun Fact : Syafiq is the biggest cat-lover. He loves our Borneo wild cats and he has over 10 domesticated cats at home.
Banded Pitta

Ali Osman bin Sahril

Ali was exposed to the tourism trade as early as 12 years old. Surrounded by family members and relatives who run travel agencies based in Sandakan, he turns out to be brilliant in guiding and is a natural in customer service. He is cut out for being a tour guide. After graduating from college in tourism management course, BRL welcomed this good natured boy with open arms.

Happy guide makes the guests happy describes Ali best. A cheerful young lad who is good in sports, he is always ready to go the extra mile for his guests. On top of providing extraordinary guiding service, he is diligent in tailoring all activities based on guests interest and needs. His specialty in ancient plants, medicinal herbs and edible flora will surprise you. In fact, ask him anything about Borneo and be amazed !

Fun Fact: Ali has a lot of wildlife knowledge in his head and the brightest smiles among all, thus you can hardly miss him as he ‘shines’ and tackles your heart with the beauty of Borneo rainforest.
Banded Pitta

Adrian Zeno

Having worked as a ranger with Shangri-la Rasa Ria for a decade and involved with state government’s Orang Utans rehabilitation project in Sepilok, it is no surprise that Adrian is very familiar with Orang Utans especially in tracking them through their scents. He is the happiest when he can share his rich knowledge about local tribes, local cultures and mother nature. Since he does not travel much, he enjoys meeting new people and learning something new from his guests.

Adrian has been offering his professional guiding service in BRL since 2015. A gentle kind soul, especially patient and good with kids. With a twinkle in his eyes and always wearing a soft smile, he serves all his guests from the bottom of his heart, hoping that each of his guest will not only have a relaxed and exciting stay in BRL but to turn their stay into the most memorable holiday ever.

Fun Fact: Ask Adrian about how Orang Utans make their territory calls, you’ll be amazed of what he can do. He is the popular ‘big bro’ to our young guests in BRL.
Banded Pitta

Rudi Amit

Rudi worked with many travel agencies in Sabah, guiding tourists in understanding the culture of Malaysian Borneo and bringing them on all sorts of adventures- kayaking, diving, white water rafting and numerous challenging outdoor activities. Adventurous, humorous and easy going, Rudi’s passion lies deep in tourist guiding. Quoting him, “Wherever I work, I have to be a tourist guide”

BRL employed Rudi in 2016 and our guests never cease applauding this decision. Being an expert in primates of Borneo and tropical plants, Rudi’s ways of nature interpretation and information sharing are very creative and fun. He will guide you on the most relaxed stroll to the most hardcore trek and show you wonder beyond your imagination in the ancient forest.

Fun Fact: Rudi owns a scrapbook journal to keep all photos and messages from his guest as remembrance. There are now over 1000 mementos from guests in his journal.
Banded Pitta

AK Mohd Shahrin Nizam

Since graduating in Tourism Management in 2014, Ak was an active tourist guide for different attractions in Sabah including Mari-Mari Cultural Village. He then joined BRL and decided this is the best place to build his career. As a localized nature guide, AK develops strong interest in amphibians while guiding tourist in Danum Valley rainforest.

This cheerful young man spent a lot of time studying and photographing fauna especially the mysterious amphibians. AK has an amazing way of nature interpretation where he wants you to fully experience your stay in our older-than-Amazon virgin rainforest by having better understanding of our unique wildlife.

Fun Fact: AK loves frogging in his free time and at the moment, he is drafting his own book on amphibians.

*All our guides are licensed Regional Specific Tourist Guide (RSTG) by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism.

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