General Information  
Region:   Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia (Borneo)
Total population: 63,500 (7,500:Sumatra, 56,000:Borneo)
  Density of Danum Valley :1.04individuals/km2 / Population size:498
  Density of Borneo rainforest Lodge :2.7individuals/km2
Classification of Orangutan
Taxonomy Sumatra Borneo
Genus Pongo Pongo
Species abelii pygmaeus
Subspecies   P. p. pygmaeus
P. p. wurmbii
P. p. morio
Long life history: Life Span: over 50 years old (wild)
Low reproductive speed: • Maturity: Male 15 years / Female 10 years
• Birth Interval: 6-9 years
• Gestation:8.6months (260days)
• First Birth: over 15 years old
Largest arboreal mammal: Weight:Male: 80 kg / Female: 35 kg
Material and Method  
Study Area:   Borneo Rainforest Lodge(BRL) Borneo Rainforest Lodge(BRL)
- 2km2 around the tourist lodge
- Lowland Dipterocarpus Forest
- This area is reserved for research, education and tourism.
- N50°- Average temperature 28℃
The Content of Data: Research Period: July 2004 –
  Total Observation Time: 2801hr (on 1/Apr/2010)
Population in Borneo Rainforest Lodge  
The Sex and Age Composition of Identified Individuals  
We suppose at least 17 (includes 5 babies )are Resident out of 29 individuals
Feeding & Food Item  
Parentage of the feeding time of each food items  
Proportion of food items which orangutan especially eats

Borneo Rainforest Lodge

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